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Bears vs. Bills final score: Buffalo outlasts Chicago, 23-20, in OT

It wasn't always pretty, but the Buffalo Bills are 1-0 after doing what needed to be done to pick up a huge road win over the Chicago Bears.

David Banks

The Buffalo Bills are 1-0 after a surprising, 23-20 overtime victory on the road against the Chicago Bears.

Buffalo scored 13 of its points off of Bears turnovers, which helped make up for a game in which they struggled to otherwise slow down Chicago's high-powered offense. Jay Cutler threw for 349 yards and two scores, and the Bears added another 86 yards on the ground, but two interceptions and a Brandon Marshall fumble - most of which occurred in the first half - kept the Bills in it.

In fact, the Bills opened up a 17-7 lead at halftime, with a highly efficient E.J. Manuel throwing for and running for touchdowns before the break. He finished the game with 173 passing yards, the two scores and an interception on 16-of-22 passing, but it was Buffalo's running game that ultimately put the Bills over the top.

The Bills as a team ran for 193 yards in this contest, none bigger than the 38-yarder that Fred Jackson ripped off in overtime to set up the game-winning field goal from Dan Carpenter. Jackson (61 yards on seven carries), C.J. Spiller (53 yards on 15 carries), Anthony Dixon (60 yards on five carries), and even Manuel (19 yards on six totes) all got in on the act.

Buffalo now has its first ever win at Soldier Field under their belts, and they'll return to Ralph Wilson Stadium next Sunday to take on the 1-0 Miami Dolphins, who defeated New England at home today.