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Pegulas buy Buffalo Bills for $1.4 billion, per multiple reports

The Pegulas will own the Buffalo Bills, pending NFL approval, and they paid a crap ton of money to make that happen.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you have heard that Buffalo Sabres owners Kim and Terry Pegula have been selected as the next owners of the Buffalo Bills. It's lovely news for sports fans in Western New York, and obviously bodes very well for the team's long-term future in the region.

Next up in the logical chain of curiosity, then: how much did the Pegulas spend to secure the rights to the team? If multiple reports are accurate, the number may surprise you.

WIVB's Lauren Brill had the number first, with WGRZ's Adam Benigni later confirming, followed up by heavy hitters Daniel Kaplan (Sports Business Journal) and ESPN's Adam Schefter: it's $1.4 billion. That's significantly higher than the initial Forbes report from earlier on Tuesday afternoon, which had the number at $1.1 billion.

That's the most that a NFL team has ever sold for, if accurate, and by a cool $300 million. Making the number even more mind-boggling is that the deal comes without a stadium involved; Erie County still owns Ralph Wilson Stadium.

One. Point. Four. Billion. Dollars.

What else is a guy going to do after spending $1.4 billion besides crack wise? The below tweet comes from the Pegulas' daughter, Kelly, after learning the news on Monday evening: