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Highlights from Rex Ryan's introductory Buffalo Bills press conference

When Rex Ryan speaks, people pay attention. Here are the highlights from his introductory press conference as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

If you are a Buffalo Bills fan, have a pulse, genuinely enjoy the sport of football, and watched the Rex Ryan introductory press conference on Wednesday, then your heartbeat is probably a bit elevated right now.

Ryan, the Bills' new head coach, hit the podium with his customary bravado, turning simple coaching platitudes like "we're going to be the bullies" and "we want to be a nightmare to play against" into rallying cries for a fan base starved for a winner. He was charismatic, bold, and entertaining - the exact opposite of what Bills coaches have been in recent seasons.

If you had any doubt whatsoever that Ryan would be an unpopular hire in Buffalo, it's fair to let that doubt die - until the games start being played, at least.

There was even something closely resembling a playoff guarantee!

He also told the assembled crowd that the Bills' fourth-ranked defense would finish first next season; that the Bills deserve a loyal coach, and that he's as loyal as they come; that instead of craving a shot at the Jets, the team that just fired him, he'd rather get one over on the Patriots; that he's not a mediocre coach despite his last four seasons in New York, and that he'd challenge anyone contending otherwise; and that despite all of the adversity recently in his career, he's never lost his swagger.

Really, it was everything one would expect from a Ryan press conference. Except this time, he was the head coach of the Bills. That makes a pretty big difference.

Introductory press conferences rarely contain much in the way of hard news, and Ryan's was no exception. There were, however, a couple of nuggets worth pointing out: defensive backs coach Donnie Henderson will remain on Ryan's staff, in a role to be determined; it was also revealed that Ryan, GM Doug Whaley, and president Russ Brandon will all each report directly to team owners Kim and Terry Pegula.

More highlights:

Certainly, this was a fun way to start the Ryan era in Buffalo. And we can all agree that, hopefully, this day won't turn out to be the highlight of the Ryan era. Serious question, though: could Rex Ryan have started off his career as the Bills' had coach any better?