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Buffalo Bills retain Danny Crossman; will reportedly keep Donnie Henderson, others

The Buffalo Bills have still only confirmed two coaching hires beyond Rex Ryan (Greg Roman and now Danny Crossman), but it's sounding like several more may be on the way.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills announced on Wednesday that new head coach Rex Ryan will be retaining incumbent special teams coordinator Danny Crossman on his coaching staff. It's also sounding like Crossman won't be the only holdover from the Doug Marrone era to stay in Buffalo.

Crossman, who has run the Bills' special teams for the past two seasons, took one of the league's worst units from 2013 and made it one of the league's best this past season. Aided by the emergence of Marcus Easley as one of the NFL's best punt gunners, and with the team bringing in quality specialists like Anthony Dixon to pepper throughout the roster, Buffalo's special teams unit looks pretty solid heading into the 2015 season - if they can re-sign Easley, who is scheduled for free agency.

Tim Graham of The Buffalo News reports that, beyond Crossman, four more of Marrone's former assistants will be retained: defensive backs coach Donnie Henderson, assistant defensive line coach Jason Rebrovich (who will coach outside linebackers under Ryan), and strength and conditioning coordinators Eric Ciano, Hal Luther, and Dan Liburd.

Coupled with previously announced hires (offensive coordinator Greg Roman) and reported hirings that have not yet been made official (many of Ryan's assistants in New York), Ryan appears to be quickly progressing through getting his coaching staff in place. Here's what it looks like so far:

Confirmed hires

  • Rex Ryan | head coach
  • Greg Roman | offensive coordinator
  • Danny Crossman | special teams coordinator

Reported/rumored hires

  • Dennis Thurman | defensive coordinator
  • David Lee | quarterbacks
  • Tony Sparano, Jr. | offensive assistant
  • Karl Dunbar | defensive line
  • Jason Rebrovich | outside linebackers
  • Bobby April III | linebackers
  • Donnie Henderson | defensive backs
  • Tim McDonald | defensive backs