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Buffalo Bills' next coach will report directly to Terry Pegula, reportedly

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If you were holding out hope that the Buffalo Bills' power dynamic would change for the better under new ownership and in need of a new head coach, well... this ought to pique your interest.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The craziness that has been the past 48 hours for the Buffalo Bills took another hairpin turn on Thursday afternoon, when Tim Graham of The Buffalo News reported that the team's next head coach will report to team owner Terry Pegula, and not President Russ Brandon, General Manager Doug Whaley, or anyone else currently in power in the Bills' football operation hierarchy.

Earlier on Friday, Graham had reported that COO Jim Overdorf would be a part of the head coaching search, as he was when the team hired Doug Marrone, but he has since refuted that. Graham and John Wawrow of The Associated Press also reported that Whaley would be the point man in the search, with Brandon advising, but that was before it became apparent that the Pegulas would be directly involved.

Which brings us back to Whaley, who remains the most intriguing figure in all of this craziness that has gone down over the last two days. One would think that if he's being allowed to hand-pick a Bills head coach, his job is probably pretty safe. But now, that may not be the case, and more curiously, whoever is the coach will have a direct line to the owner - the one who hired said coach, and not Whaley.

What a weird situation this is turning out to be. One thing seems clear, though: the Pegulas aren't going to just blow the front office up and start over from scratch (even though it might be the most sensible thing to do).