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Buffalo Bills' all-red uniforms unveiled on Thursday Night Football

These are the uniforms that the Bills will be wearing next Thursday night against the Jets. They're... something else.

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Last week, we learned that the Buffalo Bills would be wearing all-red uniforms for their game this coming Thursday night against the New York Jets. During last night's Thursday Night Football telecast, those red uniforms were unveiled (as were the Jets' all-green outfits).

There's a mini-gallery of the uniforms here, and yes, they're also already being sold.

I have three questions for everyone.

  1. Do you like the uniform top - the part you would buy - enough to plop cash down for one?
  2. Are these red things better than the all-blue things that were worn against Cincinnati?
  3. Does anyone else miss the time when NFL teams had two jersey combinations, both looked pretty good, and that was that?