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Buffalo Bills' Doug Whaley on Tyrod Taylor: "We can keep trying with him"

The Buffalo Bills clearly like Tyrod Taylor, and seem committed to playing him going into the 2016 season, but GM Doug Whaley doesn't sound content (yet) at the quarterback position.

In a highly interesting, lengthy Tyrod Taylor feature written by Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB, Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley all but confirms that Taylor will be the Bills' starting quarterback entering the 2016 season.

"Is he the long-term starter?" Whaley said to Vrentas. "Let's put it this way: he's shown us enough that we can obviously keep trying with him. But it won’t preclude us from going out and protecting ourselves (in case) he's not."

And regarding his contract? The one that will expire after the 2016 season, and which could prompt Taylor to seek more money and security prior to the 2016 season? Whaley clearly prefers to wait as long as he can to address that.

"Probably after next year," Whaley said, when asked at what point the team can definitively make a decision on Taylor's long-term prognosis. "You'll have a good two years' worth of body of work to really evaluate and see what you want to do. When you are looking at a guy, you want to have a longer résumé to hang your hat on."

Taylor, of course, is entering the home stretch of his first season as the Bills' starting quarterback. In 11 starts, Taylor has completed 195 of 307 pass attempts (63.5 percent completions) for 2,439 yards (7.9 yards per attempt) with 18 touchdowns, five interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 100.9. He's also run the ball 71 times for 371 yards and three additional touchdowns. The Bills are 6-5 in games that Taylor has started this season.