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"Four Falls of Buffalo" hits Netflix on January 2, DVD soon thereafter

If you're still itching to see "Four Falls of Buffalo" (or to just watch it again), it hits Netflix on January 2, and will also be available on DVD later that month. It's also available for purchase now in other places.

If you're among the droves of Buffalo Bills fans that have not yet seen the ESPN '30 for 30' documentary, "Four Falls of Buffalo," that premiered last week and profiles the Bills' Super Bowl teams of the early 1990s, welcome to the club. (No, I haven't seen it yet, either. It's a bummer.)

Fret not, however: if you're still itching to see it, there are a few ways of doing so beyond middle-of-the-night reruns on ESPN.

The documentary is currently available on iTunes at a price of $4.99. If owning a super-cool movie about the best Bills teams that ever existed is something that appeals to you, five bucks is a very reasonable price point.

Alan Pergament of The Buffalo News also reports that the movie will be released on DVD at some point in mid-January, if you're still into the idea of owning physical media.

Finally, if you're a Netflix subscriber (... you're a Netflix subscriber), the show will be available to stream on January 2, 2016, according to the film's producer, Michelle Girardi Zumwalt. That's just two short weeks from tomorrow.