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LeSean McCoy injury: Buffalo Bills RB expected back in 2015

LeSean McCoy injured his MCL against Washington, per multiple reports, but he may not be done running the ball for the Bills in 2015 just yet.

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy injured his right MCL during Sunday's 35-25 loss to the Washington Redskins, and while head coach Rex Ryan said that a MRI was forthcoming on Monday, multiple reports indicate that McCoy could return for at least one of the Bills' remaining two games.

For those wondering about the discrepancy between tear and sprain, regarding the MCL, there isn't much of a difference. Unless it's a complete tear - that may be what the MRI is for - this injury rarely requires surgery, and is often treated with rest and pain management. Any MCL injury does, however, create instability with the knee.

McCoy is one of the key building blocks for the Bills moving into the 2016 season and beyond, so if they're going to let him back onto the field for one or two meaningless games at the end of this lost season, the Bills would do well to make sure that he's at full health and not at risk for something more permanent.