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Buffalo Bills' Terry Pegula affirms support for Doug Whaley, Rex Ryan

If you were holding out hope that the Pegulas would fire the Bills' GM and head coach this coming week, you're in for a disappointing Wednesday afternoon and evening.

It's been a tumultuous season for Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley, head coach Rex Ryan and his assistants, and the entire organization. It started all the way back in early September and hit a fever pitch two weekends ago, and the theme was the same: a disconnect existed between Whaley, the coaches, and ownership.

Even though more recent reports said that Whaley isn't on the hot seat, and even though anyone that's followed Buffalo sports in the past five years knows that the Pegulas operate in fairly conservative fashion, Terry Pegula saw fit to affirm his faith in Whaley, Ryan, and Ryan's coaching staff in a press release made public on Wednesday.

"As our first full season as owners of the Buffalo Bills draws to a close, management, coaches, players, and fans all feel that our expectations were not met," the statement reads. "Kim, Russ and I look forward to working and collaborating with Doug Whaley and Rex Ryan in forming a winning future for the organization. Our management team and coaching staff are very capable and work well together. This stable foundation is necessary to achieve long term success in the NFL."

Despite the disappointment of the 2015 season as a whole, and the particular, well-traveled specific points of contention people have with Whaley and Ryan, both men will be guiding the Bills into, at bare minimum, the 2016 season.