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LeSean McCoy on Chip Kelly: "He can't say s*** to me"

LeSean McCoy is adamant that he holds no animosity for his former head coach, Chip Kelly. Except, well... it kind of sounds like he might.

Back this spring, shortly after the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly traded him to the Buffalo Bills, running back LeSean McCoy had some choice words for his former head coach. With McCoy and the Bills traveling to take on Kelly's Eagles this Sunday in Philadelphia, McCoy is making it clear that even though he says he has no animosity for Kelly, there may still be a bit of animosity there.

Asked if he'd speak with Kelly on Sunday, McCoy made it clear that he won't seek him out.

"I'm not talking to Chip. You know? We've got nothing to talk about," McCoy said on Wednesday. "He can't call me, can't shake my hand. There’s nothing he can do with me. Can't say s*** to me. So I mean, it's as simple as that. I don't dislike him. I don't have nothing against him. But there's nothing for us to talk about. He knows that. He knows me, he knows how I am. He knows how I act. There's nothing he can tell me. There's nothing we can talk about."

When told about Kelly's comment that he'd like to shake hands with his former tailback, McCoy bristled again.

"Listen man, Chip can’t shake s*** at all," McCoy said. "Nothing. He knows this. That's why I said it. I know him. He's very intelligent. I can read between the lines... Like I said, I have nothing against him. No hatred. We're not enemies. I won't say anything wrong to him. There's nothing for us to talk about. At all. I mean, simple as that."

John Wawrow of The Associated Press sums up the reaction to McCoy's latest thoughts on Kelly quite well: