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Richie Incognito contract details: Buffalo Bills deal looks low-risk

A one-year, $2.3 million contract is cheap on the surface, but Richie Incognito's deal with the Bills is even lower-risk than first anticipated. Jason La Canfora has the details.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Richie Incognito officially became a member of the Buffalo Bills on Monday, and on Tuesday, Jason La Canfora of was the first to report specifics on his one-year contract beyond an agent-supplied number.

As anticipated, the deal appears to have a minimal amount of guaranteed money. $100,000 of it has already conceivably been paid, as that's the signing bonus. There's also a $100,000 workout bonus, which will likely be paid if Incognito can last through the spring without issue, that would also count as a guarantee. That $200,000 figure is very low, however.

Incognito will make $900,000 in base salary this season if he is able to make the team. He can also make an additional $850,000 if he reaches playing time incentives (which is very likely to happen if he locks down a starting job and stays healthy), and there is also $350,000 available in what La Canfora calls a "gameday bonus," which sounds to us like something that will be divided up into chunks and accrued by the player as the season progresses.

All of those figures add up to $2.3 million, but with just $200,000 in guarantees and a very low base salary, this contract was every bit as low-risk as Bills fans hoped for when dealing with a high-risk player.