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Miami Dolphins expect Charles Clay to go to Buffalo Bills

According to a Tim Graham report, Buffalo's chances of landing Charles Clay may have improved.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills haven't given up on pursuing Miami tight end Charles Clay even as the Miami Dolphins made moves to secure enough cap space to match the constraints of a potential offer sheet. While recent Miami trades of big-money players had given an indication that Buffalo's chances were dwindling, Tim Graham of The Buffalo News reported Saturday night that the negotiations may be turning in Buffalo's favor.

If the Dolphins are ready to move on, as is reported, this bodes well for Buffalo's chances of landing the player who was reportedly their top target in this free agency period. The 26-year-old tight end would continue upgrading Buffalo's offensive depth chart, which found itself with a hole after the team cut Scott Chandler earlier this week.

The aforementioned transition tag allows Miami to match any offer Buffalo makes if they so choose.