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Charles Clay signs five-year, $38 million Buffalo Bills offer sheet

Charles Clay has signed an absolutely massive offer sheet with the Buffalo Bills. We'll know within five days whether or not the Miami Dolphins will match.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have finally cobbled together their offer sheet for Miami Dolphins tight end Charles Clay, and it is a doozy. Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News was the first with the details: Clay has signed a five-year, $38 million offer sheet with more than $20 million guaranteed, with $24.5 million paid out in the first two years of the deal, and with a $10 million roster bonus due at the beginning of the 2016 league year.

That, folks, is a lot of cheddar. It is, in fact, too much cheddar for a player with Clay's CV, regardless of how coveted he has been to this Bills regime, or how desperately the team needs a competent player at the tight end position.

I mean...

Ah, well. It ain't my money, I guess. Let the five-day window of trying to figure out if the Dolphins are going to match begin.