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Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns will reportedly scrimmage in 2015 training camp

The Buffalo Bills needed a new training camp scrimmage partner in 2015, and the Cleveland Browns have reportedly agreed to be that partner. Could HBO's Hard Knocks follow them to Pittsford?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the Buffalo Bills traveled to Latrobe, Pennsylvania for multiple training camp practices, plus a preseason game, with the Pittsburgh Steelers. With word emerging earlier this week that more planned Bills-Steelers scrimmages for this summer had been called off, the Bills were in the market for a replacement - and they have reportedly found one in the Cleveland Browns.

It's also worth mentioning briefly that Carucci also reported this week that the Browns are considered "front-runners" to be featured on this year's version of Hard Knocks on HBO. We may end up getting the Rex Ryan cameo on that program that we've always wanted, after all.

The NFL has not yet released its preseason schedule, but when that happens, we'll have a better idea of when Mike Pettine and the Browns might be making the trek out to Pittsford.