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NFL rule changes: extra points moved back, two-point conversions returnable

The extra point is moving to the 15-yard line, and defenses can return two-point conversion attempts for points, in new rules approved by the NFL today.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The job of Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter just became a little more challenging.

On Tuesday evening, the NFL's vice president in charge of officiating, Dean Blandino, announced that the league had agreed upon a significant rule change for the 2015 season: extra points will now be spotted at the 15-yard line.

As's Kevin Patra clarifies, if the defense returns a two-point try to the end zone, it will result in two points being awarded to the defending team, rather than a full six points.

The goal of the rule change, as you might suspect, is to make the extra point a more challenging play, especially as kickers become more automatic at short ranges. How automatic?

The new distance places the ball at the same spot as a 33-yard field goal. In 2014, NFL kickers successfully converted 272 of their 302 field goal attempts (90.1 percent) between 30 and 39 yards, per Pro Football Reference.

Carpenter took to the airwaves with SiriusXM NFL Radio shortly after the announcement was made to discuss the changes, noting that the game will become more challenging while questioning whether or not this aligns with the league's desire to limit the number of collisions between players on special teams.