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Andre Reed to coach Buffalo Bills receivers during training camp

Working on a coaching internship, Reed will work with the Bills throughout training camp and the preseason. It's the second time he's worked this internship, but the first time he's done it in Buffalo.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hall of Fame wide receiver Andre Reed will be returning to the Buffalo Bills during training camp as a temporary member of the team's coaching staff.

Reed will work under head coach Rex Ryan, offensive coordinator Greg Roman, and wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal this summer on the Walsh Coaching Internship, a long-instituted NFL program affording coaching opportunities for minorities. Reed has previously worked under internship before, coaching for Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2013 preseason.

"I am honored and proud to serve the Walsh Coaching Internship with my home team, the Bills in Buffalo, NY," Reed said in a statement. "We are gonna do the work and put it in the dirt, and I hope I can help get these guys ready for a big year."

NFL teams are encouraged to hire multiple coaching interns per year; the Bills hired three last preseason, including former Baltimore standout defensive back Chris McAlister.

Per the official announcement made yesterday by Reed's agency, Reed is hopeful that his coaching internships will one day lead to a full-time coaching position in the NFL.