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Corey Graham playing safety at Buffalo Bills OTAs

Graham spent some time at safety for the Bills in 2014, but it's sounding like he might spend even more time there for Rex Ryan in 2015, depending on how the season plays out.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking for the first time with reporters from Buffalo Bills OTAs, head coach Rex Ryan told reporters that his team plans on working veteran defensive back Corey Graham "mostly" at safety for the foreseeable future.

Ryan was quick to add that the move is not an indictment of third-year safety Duke Williams, a potential starter that defensive backs coach Donnie Henderson talked up as recently as Wednesday morning.

Graham, 29, is coming off an excellent 2014 campaign for the Bills in which he played both corner and safety, though predominantly worked at cornerback. Though it's worth mentioning that he is once again likely to see time at both spots this season due to the nature of injuries in the defensive backfield, the Bills have a bigger depth need at safety, where they have starter Aaron Williams and then the other Williams, a relatively inexperienced pro that may not be ready for full-time work.

Whichever position Graham ultimately plays, he is going to be a big part of the rotation between the top six defensive backs on Buffalo's depth chart - and having him trained at both positions is ideal for making sure the Bills have their best available players on the field at all times.