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Aaron Kromer enters not guilty plea; pretrial hearing on September 2

As the Buffalo Bills begin training camp, their offensive line coach, facing a misdemeanor battery charge, is doing what he can to expedite the legal process for his case.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer was scheduled for an August 12 court date to enter a plea stemming from an early-July misdemeanor battery charge, but he has instead entered a written plea (not guilty) to accelerate the timeline of his trial. That per ESPN's Mike Rodak.

Kromer is now scheduled to appear Walton County, Florida court on September 2 for a pre-trial hearing. That's one day before the Bills are scheduled to play their preseason finale against the Detroit Lions, and more than a week after Bills training camp - which begins tomorrow - will have wrapped up.

In the meantime, Kromer is on indefinite, paid administrative leave with the Bills. Kurt Anderson, entering his third season as the Bills' assistant offensive line coach (he's a holdover from the Doug Marrone coaching staff), is expected to coach Buffalo's in-flux offensive line until a final decision is made on Kromer, one way or the other.

Kromer's son, Zachery, is also scheduled to appear in court on September 2 for a pretrial hearing on a misdemeanor battery charge stemming from the same incident. On July 12, Kromer was arrested after allegedly confronting three minors over the late-night use of his beach chairs, then punching one of the minors in the face. Zachery Kromer entered a written plea of not guilty last week.