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Buffalo Bills hire Pat Meyer as Team Operations Consultant

Nobody's really sure what that title means, but he's probably going to be spending a lot of time observing the Bills' offensive line at practices, at least for the foreseeable future.

Brian Kersey/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills announced on Friday morning that they have hired Pat Meyer under the title of Team Operations Consultant. Nobody knows what that means, but here's the thing: he spent the last two years of his coaching career as an offensive line assistant with the Chicago Bears, working with one Aaron Kromer on that assignment.

While the Bills were quick to claim that Meyer's hiring had nothing to do with Kromer being on indefinite paid administrative leave as he faces a misdemeanor battery charge, and to point out that Meyer had worked with the team during spring practices before Kromer's legal situation arose, it's still difficult to not put two and two together. Indeed, it appears that Meyer is keeping a close eye on Buffalo's offensive line during the first training camp practice of the summer.

With Kromer out of the picture and offensive coordinator Greg Roman's attention divided amongst multiple position groups, it at least doesn't hurt that the Bills now have a seasoned second set of eyes on arguably their most important unit on offense.