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Buffalo Bills' Aaron Kromer has charges dropped with settlement reached

It wasn't that long ago that most assumed the Buffalo Bills would be firing offensive line coach Aaron Kromer. Now, Kromer's misdemeanor battery charge has been dropped, and it's possible that he could return to the team - with a catch.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Just like that, after weeks' worth of bad news, Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer is in the clear legally. A misdemeanor battery charge stemming from a July 12 arrest has been dropped - as have charges against Kromer's 21-year-old son, Zachery - at the request of the victims' parents. A settlement, it is presumed, has been reached.

What that means for Kromer's coaching future with the Bills is, at this point in time, not crystal clear. Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News reports that the Bills are expected to suspend Kromer without pay for the start of the regular season - they apparently have not yet determined for how many games they'll be doing so - but that he's also expected to coach the Bills' offensive line in training camp. When that might happen is, again, not yet clear.

For now, Kromer's assistant line coach, Kurt Anderson, is coaching up the Bills' offensive linemen at training camp. Kromer's former assistant line coach in Chicago, Pat Meyer, was also hired by the Bills on Friday under a nebulous title.