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LeSean McCoy injury: hamstring issue will require MRI

LeSean McCoy injured his hamstring during Tuesday night's practice session with the Browns, and the Bills are not yet certain how severe the injury is.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy left practice early with a heavy limp on Tuesday evening, and will have a MRI in order to determine the extent of a left hamstring injury.

Bills head coach Rex Ryan would not disclose anything about the injury beyond the fact that it was a hamstring issue, that it would require imaging, and that the muscle was intact and not separated from the bone. Beyond that, as we await word on the severity of the injury, it's fairly safe to assume that McCoy won't be playing in Thursday night's nationally-televised preseason game against Cleveland.

When McCoy went down, it officially left the Bills without the five running backs they started camp with, as Fred Jackson (hamstring), Boobie Dixon (calf), Karlos Williams (undisclosed medical issue), and Bryce Brown (hamstring) are all currently shelved, as well. Undrafted rookies Bronson Hill and Ricky Seale handled the rushing duties for the Bills. Ryan updated the statuses of Jackson, Dixon, Williams, and Brown after practice, as well.

Cross your fingers and toes that McCoy's injury is minor, Bills fans.