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Injured officers in LeSean McCoy investigation won't be charged, per report

Arrest warrants for LeSean McCoy and three other men involved in an ongoing investigation could be issued as soon as Thursday, with aggravated assault charges possible. Meanwhile, the off-duty officers injured in the Sunday morning bar brawl will not be charged, per a report.

The injured off-duty police officers in the ongoing investigation into a bar brawl involving LeSean McCoy will not be charged with any wrongdoing in the matter, according to a report from WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

That just leaves McCoy and three other men that will be charged - perhaps as soon as Thursday, when arrest warrants could also be issued, according to the report - and if the complainants' lawyer has anything to say about it, aggravated assault charges will be leveled.

"They suffered serious facial fractures and multiple bones in their faces," said attorney Fortunato Perri, Jr. on Wednesday. "The video we've seen clearly indicates that they were being stomped and beaten and struck while they were on the ground. So for anybody to characterize this as a bar fight - this was aggravated assault that occurred in a bar, plain and simple."

It's not yet clear if all four parties, including McCoy, will be hit with the same charges or not, but all four are expected to be arrested. The lawyer that McCoy reportedly hired on Wednesday, Jack McMahon, has said that McCoy will turn himself in to police if and when an arrest warrant is issued.

The Philadelphia DA office has not confirmed the WPVI-TV report, telling multiple media outlets on Wednesday that the investigation - which was turned over to them on Tuesday evening - is still under review.