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LeSean McCoy changes attorneys as DA office continues investigation review

Philadelphia police and the DA's office still have not issued a warrant for LeSean McCoy's arrest, nor charged him, but McCoy is still preparing for that inevitability - this time, by switching attorneys.

As the investigation into an incident allegedly involving LeSean McCoy continues, word emerged on Thursday morning that the Buffalo Bills running back has already switched attorneys.

Per ESPN's Mark Schwarz, McCoy's previous attorney, Jack McMahon, informed the DA office that McCoy will now be represented by Larry Krasner. McCoy has been looking into attorneys, reportedly, since Tuesday, as Philadelphia police and the District Attorney's office prepare to issue arrest warrants and level charges at McCoy and three other men.

According to multiple media reports, however, the DA office is not expected to make a formal decision on warrants and charges on Thursday, as they continue to work carefully to assemble and review the ongoing investigation.

McCoy and three other men are alleged to have been involved in a fight at Recess in Philadelphia this past Sunday morning, one that resulted in two off-duty police officers sustaining serious injuries. A third officer, who was not injured in the incident, will also reportedly press charges. It's possible that McCoy and the three men could all face aggravated assault charges, based on the severity of the injuries.

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