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Buffalo Bills among many NFL teams showing interest in Baylor forward Rico Gathers

Baylor power forward Rico Gathers has been drawing interest from NFL teams for quite a while now. The Buffalo Bills are merely the latest team to take in one of his games.

The Buffalo Bills made it into the news cycle for a bit on Monday evening when it was revealed that they sent a scout to watch a Baylor men's basketball game, likely to see power forward Rico Gathers in person.

Gathers is a 6'8", 275-pound senior forward that has been drawing interest from NFL teams for more than a year. In March of 2015, Jason King of Bleacher Report wrote a lengthy feature on Gathers' and the NFL's interest in him - and his (surprising?) reaction to it - that you should absolutely read.

It should not need to be explained why an athletic, 6'8", 275-pound man would be of interest to NFL scouts. The league has scoured college basketball for intriguing athletes for many years now, with Gathers merely the latest name on the list of intriguing players.

Just last summer, the Bills employed former Canisius basketball player Chris Manhertz, who tried out for the team as a tight end. He didn't make the team, but his NFL dream is still alive, as he signed a reserve/future deal with the New Orleans Saints in January.

Gathers is a starter for the No. 15-ranked Baylor program, and is currently averaging a double-double for the second straight season.