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Buffalo Bills carry $4.467M in unused 2015 cap space into 2016

As had been anticipated, the Buffalo Bills will carry nearly $4.5 million in unused 2015 salary cap space over into the 2016 league year.

The NFL Players Association has announced the amount of 2015 salary cap space that each team in the league will be carrying over into the 2016 league year. Per those NFLPA numbers, the Bills will be carrying over $4,467,331 into their 2016 salary cap.

Every little bit helps for the cap-strapped Bills, who are currently investigating multiple avenues for reducing their cap figure so that they can re-sign important free agents like Cordy Glenn and Richie Incognito.

That $4.467 million figure might seem low, but it actually puts them in the top half of the league, as 17 teams are carrying over less money than Buffalo will be. The Jacksonville Jaguars will carry over the most amount of cap space, coming in at just under $32.8 million.

Other avenues the Bills are exploring to reduce their salary cap figure include releasing veterans (Mario Williams is the most likely to go) and re-negotiating the contracts of veterans (Williams is a remote possibility here, while Leodis McKelvin and Corey Graham are reportedly already in negotiations).