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Second video of bar fight involving LeSean McCoy emerges

A second video of the Philadelphia-area bar fight allegedly involving Bills running back LeSean McCoy has emerged via TMZ Sports - and it points out the involved party that police suspect was McCoy.

TMZ Sports has published on Tuesday a video of the Philadelphia-area bar fight that city police are alleging involves Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

In the video, which you can watch here, TMZ reports that police believe that "the man in the red boxers" (the video points him out repeatedly) is McCoy. A still shot of the man's face is shown, though it is blurry, and partially obscured by another patron.

If McCoy is, in fact, correctly identified in that video, that person very clearly threw at least one punch in the bar fight that left two off-duty police officers hospitalized with significant injuries.

TMZ Sports further reports that police are still interested in speaking to witnesses of the incident, which occurred early in the morning of February 7 - and that rapper Meek Mill was in attendance at that night club on the evening in question (but not directly involved in the incident).

The video published by TMZ Sports is different from the video that was published on Monday evening by, which you can see here.

If you've missed any of the details of the ongoing investigation involving McCoy, be sure to keep track of it all in our StoryStream.