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Buffalo Bills fire Karl Dunbar, defensive line coach

Rex Ryan picked a very odd time on the NFL calendar to make a highly notable change on his coaching staff, firing defensive line coach Karl Dunbar on Sunday.

More than two months after the conclusion of the 2015 regular season, Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan decided to make a change to his coaching staff on Sunday, relieving defensive line coach Karl Dunbar of his duties.

Dunbar had coached under Ryan for each of the last four seasons - one with the Bills, three more with the New York Jets - and was also an Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman back in 1994 and 1995, when Ryan coached that team's defensive line and linebackers.

The timing of this move is beyond curious, given that most teams' coaching staffs are long settled by the time 2016 offseason activities kick into high gear with the Combine and the start of free agency.

Ryan and the Bills did employ an assistant defensive line coach last season: Jeff Weeks, a long-time Ryan ally that has spent the last seven seasons working for him between the Jets and now the Bills.