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Kyle Williams can earn back $1.75M pay cut through play-time incentives

Basically, he'll earn a lot of the "pay cut" back - unless he is injured again

On Wednesday morning, ESPN's Mike Rodak reported that the base salary for Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams had been reduced from $6 million to $4.25 million for the 2016 season, saving the Bills $1.75 million against the salary cap.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk supplemented that report on Wednesday evening with this wrinkle: Williams can earn back all of that $1.75 million through playing-time incentives, and that those incentives start to kick in at the 35 percent of snaps threshold.

As a point of reference, Williams played 66.1 percent of snaps in 2014, 82.0 percent in 2013, and 72.9 percent in 2012. Basically, unless Williams succumbs to injury like he did in 2015, he's going to earn back most, if not all, of that money. The Bills have essentially saved themselves a bit of money if Williams can't stay healthy again this year.

Williams has already been paid a $500,000 roster bonus in the 2016 league year, as well - and as that was already paid, it was not affected by the re-structure. Williams' 2016 cap hit dropped from $8 million to $6.25 million after the new paperwork was filed.