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Robert Blanton contract details: veteran minimum benefit for Buffalo Bills

The Bills added very little to their cap total by signing Blanton to a veteran minimum deal

The Buffalo Bills signed safety Robert Blanton to a one-year, $840,000 contract on Friday, a deal which included an $80,000 signing bonus, reports Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

However, the deal will not count for the full $840,000 against the 2016 salary cap for the Bills, thanks to Blanton's contract qualifying for the NFL's veteran minimum benefit. As explained here by, veteran minimum contracts dole out base salaries based on experience, but count just $600,000 against the salary cap (plus whatever bonus money is agreed to). Blanton, a four-year veteran, likely signed for the $760,000 minimum salary, with his $80,000 bonus totaling $840,000.

For the Bills, his cap hit will be $680,000 - the $600,000 benefit value, plus the signing bonus.

Under Top 51 salary cap rules in effect right now, Blanton's $680,000 cap hit will be replacing another, less experienced player's minimum salary - meaning that, when all is said and done, the Bills added less than $200,000 to the books for the 2016 season by signing Blanton.