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Jim Dray contract details: veteran minimum benefit for Buffalo Bills

While not confirmed, it's looking like Dray signed for the veteran minimum in Buffalo, too

The Buffalo Bills signed safety Robert Blanton to a veteran-minimum, one-year contract on Friday, and per a report from ESPN's Mike Rodak, it's looking like the contract signed earlier in the week by tight end Jim Dray will qualify for the same benefit.

Dray's $760,000 base salary is the veteran minimum value for a sixth-year player, but his deal only qualifies for veteran minimum benefits if the Bills gave him $80,000 or less in bonus money. As Rodak notes, it's very likely that that's the case; it would not be surprising if, like Blanton, the Bills gave Dray an $80,000 signing bonus.

If that ends up being the case, both Blanton and Dray would count $680,000 against the 2016 salary cap for the Bills - $80,000 each for their bonuses, and then $600,000 each as the minimum benefit cap value of the base salaries.

Combining the two cap values to end up with $1.36 million, which would replace two contracts in the Top 51 accounting totaling roughly just over $1 million, the Bills have likely signed two experienced role players at a net cap cost of somewhere between $300,000 and $400,000.