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Buffalo Bills propose two 2016 NFL rule changes

They don't want to have to designate an IR player for return as they place him on IR, for starters

As reported by ESPN's Mike Rodak over the weekend, the Buffalo Bills have proposed two separate rule changes to the NFL this offseason. They want teams to be able to choose an IR (designated to return) player after placing him on IR, and they want to be able to release players the Wednesday after a Monday night game without financial repercussions.

This essentially would give a team more time to determine if a player should be designated for return from the injured reserve. This would have allowed the Bills more time to evaluate a player's injury - such as that suffered by Kyle Williams last season. Rather than being able to take a wait-and-see approach, the Bills had to make a decision, which placed Williams on the season ending IR.

The second proposal gives a team an extra day to make roster and salary adjustments if they play on Monday night.

All proposed rule changes will be reviewed at the NFL's annual meetings, which begin on Sunday, March 20 in Boca Raton.