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HBO Hard Knocks 2016: Los Angeles Rams (not Buffalo Bills) to be featured

There had been speculation that the Bills would be forced to do the show; alas, that won't be the case

What trumps the Ryan brothers in terms of entertainment value? Evidently, the answer is a NFL team relocating to a new city.

At least, that's what we're surmising from a Wednesday morning announcement that the Los Angeles Rams will be featured on this summer's version of Hard Knocks, the annual training camp documentary series that airs on HBO.

There had been repeated speculation that the Bills would appear on the show, chiefly because of head coach Rex Ryan and his personality, the hiring of his brother Rob as an assistant, and the presence of other intriguing names like Richie Incognito on the roster. This speculation persisted despite Ryan's public claims that he wouldn't want to do it (he appeared on the show during his tenure with the New York Jets), and despite multiple well-informed reports that the Pegulas are averse to that type of exposure.

The Bills were one of a handful of NFL teams that could have been forced (the league prefers the word "compelled") to do the show, but instead, they'll enjoy an exposure-free summer in St. John Fisher while we watch the Rams try to acclimate to life in Los Angeles on HBO.