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Jerry Hughes' injury: Buffalo Bills defender shares wrist surgery pictures

The Bills' defender shared pictures of his protective yellow cone and scar on social media.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Hughes didn't complain about his left wrist during the season but a few weeks back had surgery to fix a problem with it. Following the surgery, he had to wear a yellow cone around his entire forearm to prevent it from being injured again. He shared this picture on Instagram:

The struggle is so real over here

A photo posted by Jerry Hughes (@iam_jerryhughes) on

Now several weeks removed from the surgery, Hughes has the cone off and shared a picture of the gnarly scar on Twitter with a thankful caption.

In a down year for the defense as a whole, Hughes managed five sacks and 52 tackles. We saw a few years ago how much a sore wrist impacted Mario Williams. It looks like Hughes will return 100% in 2016.