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Richie Incognito contract details: $3.25M cap hit in 2016

As expected, the Buffalo Bills structured Richie Incognito's three-year, $15.75 million contract to make his 2016 salary cap figure as low as possible. They succeeded.

The details of the three-year, $15.75 million contract that Richie Incognito signed with the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday are being fleshed out by NFL reporters Aaron Wilson (twice) and Albert Breer this morning, providing clarity on just how much salary cap space the Bills are using on their starting left guard this year.

They are using $3.25 million in cap space on Incognito this year, to be exact.

Incognito's deal includes $5.45 million guaranteed, which is presumed to be his first-year salary of $2 million plus a $3.45 million signing bonus. It also includes annual workout bonuses of $100,000, plus a $500,000 roster bonus due in March of 2017.

Here is the full breakdown of Incognito's contract, by both earning potential and salary cap figures. We'll start with the salary cap angle...

Year Salary SB proration Roster bonus Workout bonus Cap hit
2016 $2M $1.15M $100K $3.25M
2017 $3.175M $1.15M $500K $100K $4.925M
2018 $6.325M $1.15M $100K $7.575M

... and by earning potential.

Year Salary Signing Bonus Roster bonus Workout bonus Potential earnings
2016 $2M $3.45M $100K $5.55M
2017 $3.175M $500K $100K $3.775M
2018 $6.325M $100K $6.425M