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LeSean McCoy bar fight case to be reviewed by Attorney General's office

Looks like we'll need to pump the brakes on the reports that McCoy won't be charged and/or suspended

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's office will be reviewing the LeSean McCoy bar fight investigation, according to the state's recently-appointed solicitor general, Bruce Castor. He told as much earlier this weekend.

"I think it's completely accurate to say LeSean McCoy and anyone else allegedly involved in this incident are not totally cleared," Castor said on Friday.

This comes after the Philadelphia District Attorney's office decided not to level charges against anyone involved in the incident, and days after a report saying that the league was unlikely to punish McCoy for his involvement, as well. Obviously, that latter point could change if, after the case is reviewed, charges are brought.

The review comes at the urging of John McNesby, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police, who has railed publicly against McCoy and the DA's office multiple times since the news of the incident was first made public in early February.

Seth Williams, the Philadelphia DA, stood by his office's investigation in a statement released on Friday.

"We conducted 44 interviews speaking with a total of 27 individuals, made site visits, examined the medical records of multiple participants, and reviewed photographs and video surveillance footage," read Williams' statement, as relayed by

With the case pending review and the NFL's investigation ongoing, however, it's clear at this point that McCoy, like the rest of those allegedly involved, isn't out of the woods just yet.