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2016 Buffalo Bills offseason program begins today

Many of the Buffalo Bills will be back in town today to lift weights and hit the classroom together.

The quest toward the 2016 NFL playoffs begins today, as Buffalo Bills players and coaches return to One Bills Drive for offseason workouts. That might be a stretch. At any rate, expect a lot of players to be in town for phase one of the voluntary offseason program.

Restrictive rules govern offseason workouts, but during the next month, the team can work out four days a week. The program consists of guided strength and conditioning for healthy players, and rehab-based activities for injured players or those coming off surgery. It's not until May 23 that the team transitions into phase two: organized teams activities, or OTAs.

In addition to the strength and conditioning, some classroom time is allowed, but nothing can be explained in 3D on the field. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman told the team's website that the classroom time is spent going back to "square one." With the number of new faces coupled with the folks who haven't picked up a playbook in 15 weeks, they lay the foundation for the 2016 season in these optional meetings.

Buffalo is one of three teams to kick off the process on Monday, joining the New York Jets and the Atlanta Falcons. San Francisco and Oakland each begin on Tuesday, with the rest of the league easing in over the next couple of weeks.

The offseason program concludes with the mandatory minicamp in the middle of June, the last team activity before training camp begins in late July.