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LeSean McCoy won't face charges from February bar fight, per reports

It doesn't sound like LeSean McCoy will be charged for his role in a February bar fight in Philadelphia

The LeSean McCoy bar fight story has been dormant for a while as the Philadelphia DA's office completed their investigation, but according to a report by ESPN, the Bills' star running back is not expected to be charged in relation to the incident.

The DA's office has called at 2:30 p.m. ET press conference on Monday.

The announcement will come a little less than two months after the February 7 fight, in which McCoy and three friends were accused of assaulting two off-duty police officers at a Philadelphia night club. The DA's office began examining the case two days later, but have taken their time with the investigation. At this point, there is no word on whether any of the other three patrons involved in the incident will be charged with anything.

If you need an in-depth refresher on any of the events that unfolded, you can find our coverage of the incident here. The next question is whether or not McCoy would face discipline from the NFL, but escaping charges, if true, would help his cause there. It's also likely to quell those who were calling for McCoy's immediate release in the aftermath, something that wasn't going to happen even if he were charged with assault.

We'll have more on this later on this afternoon.