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Corey White contract details: third veteran-minimum deal for Buffalo Bills

White, Jim Dray, and Robert Blanton have all signed the same contract with the Bills this offseason

Buffalo Bills defensive back Corey White, signed by the team on Monday, agreed to a one-year contract that qualifies for the NFL's veteran-minimum benefit, based on a report from WKBW's Joe Buscaglia.

For veteran players with 4-6 years of experience, a one-year contract with a $760,000 base salary and a maximum of $80,000 in bonus money qualifies for the benefit, as explained here. While the player will earn the full $840,000 if he makes the team, the Bills can count the player against their cap as if he were a second-year player, meaning that White will only count $680,000 against the cap in 2016.

White is the third player to agree to this exact contract with the Bills this offseason, joining tight end Jim Dray and safety Robert Blanton. Each of those contracts added less than $200,000 to the Bills' salary cap calculation this spring. The (soon to be) 26-year-old defensive back with experience playing for Rob Ryan could add depth at either cornerback or safety for the Bills in 2016.