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Now Percy Harvin is leaning toward not playing, per a report

This contradicts a report from last week stating that Harvin was leaning toward playing

Contrary to last week's report that he was likely to return to the NFL this season, it sounds as if Buffalo Bills free agent wide receiver Percy Harvin may be done playing professional football. This is according to a report earlier today from Peter Schrager of

No details are offered as to what may have changed Harvin's mind from last week's report, but it is easy to speculate that he did not find the "right situation" that he was seeking.

In our Buffalo Rumblings poll which took place last month, 60 percent of readers were in favor of the Bills re-signing Harvin for the 2016 season.

As it now looks that the Harvin era in Buffalo is officially over, Doug Whaley and his staff will contemplate the pros and cons of further bolstering their receiver depth in the 2016 NFL Draft.