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2017 Buffalo Bills draft: Tenth overall pick

What type of player can the Bills expect at 10?

The Buffalo Bills will pick tenth overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. By taking a look at past number 10 picks, we can get a pretty good idea of what to expect from this year’s tenth pick. It’s a pretty good list.

In 2016, Eli Apple was the tenth pick and started eleven games for the New York Giants at cornerback. He had seven passes defended and one interception to go along with 41 tackles.

2015’s tenth pick, Todd Gurley, made the Pro Bowl in his rookie season rushing for over 1100 yards with ten touchdowns for a bad St. Louis Rams offense. He added 885 yards on the ground in his second season with teams keying on him, but his 2506 yards from scrimmage in his first two seasons is very solid.

Eric Ebron, the Detroit Lions pick in 2014, blossomed in 2017, catching 61 passes for more than 700 yards following the retirement of the team’s previous top pass catcher, Calvin Johnson. His role will only increase moving forward.

The Tennessee Titans made Chance Warmack their tenth overall pick in 2013. He’s been a stalwart on their offensive line until a finger injury forced him to miss most of the 2017 season.

Stephon Gilmore, a name intimately familiar to Bills fans, was the tenth overall pick in 2012. A Pro Bowl, 14 interceptions, 62 passess defended, and 197 tackles earned him a lucrative contract this offseason. Around the league he was highly regarded, as his new contract can attest, even if some Bills fans disagree.

Beyond the past five years, there have been some significant players picked at ten overall. Linebacker Jerod Mayo (2008), linebacker Terrell Suggs (2003), cornerback Chris McAlister (1999), tackle Willie Anderson (1996), linebacker Jamir Miller (1994), and Herman Moore (1991) have a combined 10 All-Pro nods between them. That list doesn’t include Hall of Famers Jerome Bettis (1993), Rod Woodson (1987), and Marcus Allen (1982).

Don’t worry, there were also some big flops. Blaine Gabbert (2011) and Matt Leinart (2006) are two of the names you’ll likely remember from the list. Jamaal Reynolds (2000) is the only tenth pick to never start a game while David Verser (1981) has a single start.