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Mel Kiper, Jr. Mock Draft: Only one quarterback in the top 10 means Buffalo Bills trade options

The Jaguars and Broncos pass on quarterbacks.

The Buffalo Bills sit on the cusp of the Top 10 in a year when quarterbacks aren’t slam-dunk Top 10 picks. The 2019 NFL Draft is full of intriguing possibilities and in this week’s mock draft from Mel Kiper, Jr., teams aren’t sold on quarterbacks in the top 8 picks, leaving them available when Buffalo is on the clock. This leads to some interesting jockeying that could take place ahead of the Denver Broncos at 10.

In the top ten picks, the New York Giants are the only team to pick a quarterback, nabbing Dwayne Haskins to replace Eli Manning. Elsewhere in the top picks, Kiper mentions that the Jacksonville Jaguars are more likely to go with a veteran quarterback option. He selects an offensive lineman for them in the top 10 as a result.

Of the Broncos, Kiper says he was very close to giving them the quarterback of the future at number 10.

“Yes, the Broncos traded for Joe Flacco, but they could still draft a quarterback high, even if it’s not in Round 1. Flacco has a team-friendly contract, and GM John Elway & Co. could still try to get their QB of the future,” says Kiper, before picking a cornerback.

If other teams also fear Denver could pull the trigger on a quarterback, Buffalo sits in a perfect spot for a trade.

Looking down the board, the Miami Dolphins use pick 13 on Kyler Murray. At 15, Washington takes Drew Lock. The New England Patriots sneak in one more quarterback under the wire at 32, taking Duke quarterback Daniel Jones.

Last week, we showed you the baseline for what it would cost Washington to trade up with Buffalo. We will tackle the mountain of a potential trade with the Miami Dolphins at a later time.

Even with quarterback off their draft board in the first round, quarterbacks might dictate what happens in Buffalo’s draft room.