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Predicting the Buffalo Bills' first round of 2014 roster cuts

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The Bills have to release at least 11 players this week. Who might not be around for the team's preseason finale on Thursday?

Vaughn Ridley

By 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday afternoon, August 26, NFL teams must have trimmed their rosters down to 75 players. The Buffalo Bills are no exception, and even began that process on Sunday with the release of veteran defensive tackle Alan Branch.

Why not take a stab at predicting who the Bills' first round of cuts will consist of, I ask? It's not as if Bills fans have anything else on their minds this week, am I right?

Buffalo's active roster currently sits at 86 players. That number includes Kiko Alonso, who has not yet been placed on IR despite his being in the early rehab phase after ACL surgery. The Bills can put him on IR this week and make one less cut, but if they haven't put him on IR yet, they're probably waiting for definitive signs that Alonso absolutely won't be playing this season. As such, we'll predict a full 11 cuts by tomorrow, with Alonso staying on the active roster for now.

QB Dennis Dixon: When your coach is so desperate for better backup quarterback play that he tosses you into the lineup after barely giving you practice reps, then takes you out after one series with three fumbles, you're not going to stick around much longer. Sorry, Mr. Dixon.

RB Ronnie Wingo: Even though the Bills are likely in "run out the preseason mode," they can safely cut Wingo and rely on their third and fourth runners against Detroit. Wingo has played only 18 snaps in the team's first four preseason games.

WR Naaman Roosevelt: Speaking of guys that have barely played, Roosevelt has seen just three snaps on offense this exhibition season.

WR Caleb Holley: Holley, signed back in May, seems to have fallen behind the likes of Chris Summers and Tori Gurley on the back end of the depth chart - though the team could cut one of those players and give Holley one last look on Thursday.

TE Dominique Jones: Jones was a camp signing when the Bills were banged up at tight end, and if Tony Moeaki is healthy enough to finally have an extended audition on Thursday, Jones could be cut.

Macky MacPherson: With the Bills experimenting with Kraig Urbik at center, there probably won't be many reps to go around for MacPherson, who still has a shot at the practice squad regardless.

Jared Wheeler: No Bills player has played as little as Wheeler this summer. He's seen just two snaps of offense in four games.

DE Bryan Johnson: He's not here because of the training camp fight; he's here because the Bills have big decisions to make at end, and Johnson doesn't factor into those.

CB Sam Miller: Signed as a camp body in recent weeks, the Bills don't need the extra player at corner any more, especially as they're playing so much base defense in preseason games.

Derek Brim: Buffalo has too many safeties at the moment, so at least one of them is going. Brim's listed here because the team hasn't seen much of him, but that may work in his favor; the team could instead cut a guy like Jajuan Harley to take one last look at the UB product.

Dustin Hopkins: Kickoff specialists are for winning programs with proven, veteran depth. Maybe someday, Bills.

Where am I wrong, Bills fans?