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Should Tyrod Taylor be the Buffalo Bills' quarterback in 2016?

No, the 2015 season isn't yet complete; we're having this discussion with five games left on the schedule. Still, here it is: should the Bills be planning on starting Tyrod Taylor in 2016?

Thursday's edition of The Buffalo News featured an article from Tyler Dunne on Tyrod Taylor, giving readers a closer look at the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback and his approach to the game both on and off the field. The piece includes direct quotes from center Eric Wood, fullback Jerome Felton, and former NFL quarterback and current CBS analyst Rich Gannon, and provides great perspective on Taylor's demeanor.

Taylor has now started nine games with mixed results this season, something that would be expected for a first-time starter. While some Bills fans will look at Taylor as an adequate starting quarterback with upside, others are understandably skeptical. When I say understandably skeptical, it is directly related to the Bills' struggles to find a starting quarterback over the last decade. Any glimmer of hope provided by a new quarterback is always met with some reservations, and Taylor has been no exception. While there have been near-perfect performances against Indianapolis and in both games against Miami, Taylor has had struggles as of late on the road against New York, New England, and Kansas City.

The question for Bills fans is this: how comfortable are you with Taylor as the Bills' starting quarterback going into next season? Yes, I realize there are plenty of games left in 2015, and that the Bills are still mathematically in the hunt to make the playoffs. Consider this my way of gauging the thoughts of the fans as it relates to Taylor and his future with the Bills. I look forward to your comments below.