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Who should the Buffalo Bills' 2015 starting quarterback be?

You know you're thinking about it, even this early, so stake your claim: who do you think should start at quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 2015?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Now that voluntary offseason workout programs have begun for the Buffalo Bills, the speculation can continue regarding some of our favorite positional battles. From now until the start of the season, the quarterback competition will be the most watched, scrutinized, and debated. There has been no indication from Rex Ryan on who will be listed atop the depth chart for training camp, but it's never too early to start the discussion here.

EJ Manuel

The former first-round pick could be the most debated Bills quarterback of all time. On one side, you have many who believe that 14 starts are not enough to judge a young quarterback. They believe the former coaching staff did more to hinder Manuel's development than to enhance it. His detractors believe that they have seen enough from Manuel to know that he is not an NFL starting quarterback. Both sides are equally vocal, and this season could end that debate, one way or another.

Matt Cassel

After trying to sign Josh McCown, the Bills focused their attention on acquiring Cassel via trade. Considering that this happened prior to the start of the free agency period, one could jump to the conclusion that the team favored Cassel over any of the free agent options. Cassel has put together some good seasons in New England and Kansas City, but also has plenty of bad seasons under his belt. He has been most successful when serving as more of a game manager - and when he has an incredibly talented supporting cast.


Tyrod Taylor

The wild card in this discussion, Taylor, was signed as a free agent to join this competition. A sixth-round pick out of Virginia Tech, Taylor had been buried on Baltimore's bench behind the reliable Joe Flacco. There were also reports that Taylor turned down more money to sign in Denver, so he could be a part of the competition in Buffalo. Ryan called Taylor the fastest quarterback in the NFL, which could factor into his opportunity to win the starting job.

Unless the Bills draft another quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft, these are the options to be the opening-week starter. Do you believe that Manuel earns another shot this year? Do you prefer the idea of the veteran Cassel to take the Bills to the playoffs? Or would you prefer to see the wild card, Taylor, win the competition? Share your thoughts below in the comments.