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Blitzed Bills: Margaritas and McDermott’s Sixth Sense

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Please welcome our newest Buffalo Bills-themed podcast to the Buffalo Rumblings family of podcasts. “Blitzed Bills” are the same guys that bring you the great “Blitzed NFL” podcast, but they are recording a special Bills-themed episode every week just for us!

Here are some ways to catch the rest of their great content:

Blitzed NFL podcast:

They are on the same podcast channel as Circling the Wagons and Buffalo Rumblings Q&A. Subscribe and listen to all three shows: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, Art 19

We review the Miami Miracle Margarita and we recap the Bills’ big win over the Detroit Lions. Plus Sean McDermott will never tell you how he really feels about the Bills haters from the national media, so we’ll do it for you! And we give you a whole new reason to hate Tom Brady.

Listen now!