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Q&A Mailbag: Buffalo Bills salary cap, replacing Kyle Williams, 2019 NFL Draft talk

A jam-packed episode of Buffalo Rumblings Q&A this week.

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The Buffalo Bills finished their season but here, the Q&A never stops! We tackle questions on replacing Kyle Williams, the future of Lorenzo Alexander, the massive amount of salary cap space, the 2019 NFL Draft, and give our thoughts on the win over the Miami Dolphins. You don’t want to miss this episode.

Question I’m getting a lot

“How much salary cap space do the Bills have in 2019?”

If you’re not satisfied with the word “a lot,” we’re here to be more specific. The Bills have $86 million in cap space in 2019, good for third in the league behind the Indianapolis Colts ($122 million) and the New York Jets ($106 million).

There’s a good news/bad news situation there.

If I’m a free agent and looking at all things being equal, the Colts are a very attractive option. They have a stout defense, franchise quarterback, a head coach you really want to play for, and they are coming off a playoff appearance in 2018. Luckily for the Bills, the Indy offensive line is set and they have a top flight wide receiver, so we won’t be competing with them for many guys at several positions of need.

The Jets are intriguing in this conversation, since they will be going after many of the same types of players as Buffalo. The Bills have a stable locker room, popular head coach, and look to have the needle pointing up. The Jets are unstable and don’t have a head coach yet but do have Sam Darnold, giving them a solid long-term outlook.

Behind the top three, the Cleveland Browns and their up-and-coming roster have $80 million in cap space and the Oakland Raiders round out the top five with $77 million.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane talked about saving some of that money to re-sign their own good players into the future, but shedding $70 million in dead cap space will certainly help that.

Buffalo only has roughly half their 90-man roster limit under contract for 2019. If you add their ten draft picks and a handful of undrafted free agents, they still have 25 or more players they will need to add over the course of the off-season.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast for all of my thoughts on the salary cap space and the rest of the questions we received this week:

We also discuss how the Bills might replace Kyle Williams, who plays a penetrating defensive tackle spot. Will Buffalo re-sign Lorenzo Alexander? Who should Buffalo target at nine in the 2019 NFL Draft or can they trade down? Lots of stuff crammed into this week’s podcast.

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