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Circling the Wagons: Super Bowl 53 preview, Vegas odds, & props bets

Super Bowl 53 preview, Vegas odds & props bets discussion

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In this episode, we first discuss the Question of the Day: Which was a worse Non-Call in the NFL Playoffs; the New Orleans Saints/Los Angeles Rams no-pass-interference call or the Music City Miracle?

After that, we preview the Los Angeles Rams vs. the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53. We ask our local Vegas Odds expert, Zack Scheetz (@calax12), to explain the finer points of gambling on the games (understanding Over/Under vs. the Moneyline vs. the Spread), which way he thinks the game will go based on the odds and based on his sports knowledge, and some Super Bowl Prop Bets that interest him either scientifically, or would just be fun to bet on. Go Rams!

Additional topics include: Seeing other Buffalo Bills fans while traveling, NFL rules, National Anthem, Gatorade showers, and the opening coin toss.

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