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How to get started listening to Buffalo Rumblings podcasts

If you’re new to podcasts, or don’t know where to find ours, here is a handy guide for you.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Many of you come to Buffalo Rumblings to get your news, notes, opinions, and conversations around your favorite team, the Buffalo Bills. Last year, based on feedback from our readership and an expansion of services from our parent company, SB Nation, we made a considerable investment in podcasts here.

For many people, podcasts are the new radio/Walkman/CD player. (Yeah, I said Walkman.) Because people all ages are approaching their time listening to audio in a different way.

Whether you’re on a run or at the gym, driving in your car, doing work around the house, or anywhere else where listening to something enhances your life, podcasts can fill your head with meaningful and focused information and entertainment.

If you have never listened to a podcast, you’re not alone. It’s something you didn’t realize you were missing until you start diving in. I started a few years ago listening to NFL podcasts, then began going to more Bills-based podcasts, and expanded into other interests like music analysis, personal improvement, news, historical, or comedy. Now I listen to multiple hours of podcasts a day (at accelerated speed to fit in more info). I download them at home using my Wi-Fi, but you can stream them over your cell connection, too, or listen on your computer or tablet.

If you want some help getting started, I’m here to help you out.


The easiest ways for you to listen to our podcasts if you’re a beginning is by playing it on our site. In every one of our podcast articles posted on the main page, there is an embedded player where you can just click the play button and listen to our awesome content.

You can stream our official podcasts on multiple services, too, without downloading anything: Click here for Spotify or listen to them here on Megaphone.


If you want to store them on your phone to make them mobile, you’ll need to select a podcasting app. In my opinion, downloading them to your device is the way to go to save mobile data, if you don’t have unlimited data.

If you’re on an Apple device, Apple Podcasts is built into your phone. Click here to subscribe!

If you’re in iTunes, that “View in iTunes” button is replaced by a “Subscribe” option. It’s always great if you can leave us a rating to help other folks find our podcasts, too.

If you use a Droid, Google Podcasts is on your phone. Our show page is here to subscribe.

There are multiple other podcast apps you can use. The most popular is Stitcher. I use Podcast Addict, but others are out there, too. They all have different features like sorting into playlists, bookmarking episodes, auto-download, delete after play, and a lot of other stuff. Go in an explore, searching for “Buffalo Rumblings”, or course.

Take Buffalo Rumblings with you in your pocket and your ears wherever you go.

Go Bills!