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Q&A: Spencer Long contract, Buffalo Bills free agency bonanza

How important is replacing Kyle Williams with a bona fide starter this year?

On this week’s episode of Buffalo Rumblings Q&A, we tackle Buffalo Bills questions around Spencer Long’s contract, free-agent wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, the urgency needed in replacing Kyle Williams, as well as adding a trio of Pittsburgh Steelers: Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and Jesse James.

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Featured Question of the week

“What do you think of Spencer Long’s contract? Does it mean he’s a starter for the Bills in 2019?”

The short answer is “meh.” I don’t think Long’s contract is going to stop them from signing a top-tier center. If they get one, they can move Long to guard and be done with it. He provides positional versatility in the starting lineup or he can slide over and be the backup center.

I also don’t think his contract is too prohibitive. If they want to get rid of him in August or a year from now, it’s pretty easy. I know folks around here got a little bunched up by the signing and how big the numbers were, but if backups around the league are making $2.5 million, a guy who might be your starting guard can make $3 to $4 million.

In the rest of our podcast we tackle some other topics. Listen above or download on your favorite podcast app now!

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